How to use Stencil with an Ad Blocker installed

Stencil requires access to certain URLs in order to fully function. It's possible that if you're using an Ad Blocker, Stencil may not work perfectly. This can be because the Ad Blocker you have installed and activated is set to block some of those services Stencil requires. The result of that could be:

  1. Running into an error
  2. Certain features not working properly
  3. Being shown an alert that asks you to turn off your Ad Blocker

Why is this happening?

While we've tried to make Stencil as simple to use as possible, it's actually a complicated system that relies on  3rd party libraries for help. When we can't load a 3rd party library, we try our best to continue functioning properly. However in certain cases (aka overly aggressive Ad Blockers), Stencil will run into an issue.

Our recommendation:

We recommend you disable your Ad Blocker while using Stencil. This ensures that it works as designed. If you're not able to, or prefer not to, we ask that you "whitelist" the following domains, so that Stencil can function as intended:

More information:

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