How do I cancel / downgrade my account?

If you upgraded BEFORE November 1, 2021

If you'd like to cancel your Stencil subscription, please contact us and we'll get that processed for you right away...and even stay friends! 

If you upgraded AFTER November 1, 2021

As of November 1, 2021 Stencil has joined Namecheap and all Stencil subscriptions are powered by Namecheap.

Downgrade/Disable Auto-Renewal

  1. If you'd like to turn off auto-renewal for your paid subscription, visit the Namecheap subscriptions section in your Namecheap account.
  2. Find your Stencil subscription and use the toggle on the right to disable auto-renewal for your subscription.

Note: You must have already connected your Namecheap account and originally upgraded with Namecheap for this to work)


If you're within the 7-day refund window and want to cancel your account immediately and receive a refund, please contact us.

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