What are Collections?

Collections are Stencil's version of "Folders". They're a great way to keep your account tidy and can be used to organize: 

  • Photos
  • Icons
  • Templates
  • Quotes
  • Uploads
  • Saved Images

Managing Your Collections

All of your collections are specific to each section. For example, you'll have separate Photo Collections and Icon Collections each located in their respective sections. 

To manage your collections hover "Collections" in the section's drop-down menu: 

From here you can:

  • View all of your collections for this section
  • Access each collection by clicking on its name
  • Edit the name of a collection using the pencil icon
  • Delete a collection using the trashcan icon
  • Sort the order of your collections by clicking and dragging the multi-directional arrow icon
  • Create a new empty collection using the Create Collection button

Ok, so you're ready to start adding items to your collections. There are a few ways to do this:

Add a Single Item to a Collection

  1. Navigate to the section you want to collect items in (i.e. Photos, Icons, Saved Images, etc.).
  2. Right-click OR click the 3-line icon on the thumbnail.
  3. Hover the "Collections" menu item and select which collection you want to add this item to (or create a new collection and this item will be added to it automatically)

Add Multiple Items to a Collection

  1. Hold down the CMD key on your keyboard (or CTRL on Windows) and then begin clicking the items you want to add to a collection. You'll notice a white checkmark appearing in each item as you select it.
    ( Note: You can also use SHIFT+CLICK to select a wider range of items within a section)
  2. When you're ready to add them all to a collection (or several collections). right-click any of the selected items and hover the "Collections" menu item. From there, select which collection(s) you want to add these items to (or create a new collection and all your selected items will be added to it automatically

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