How do I get my Stencil receipts sent to me when my credit card is charged?

The very first receipt upon upgrade will always be sent to you automatically.  

If you'd like to get monthly or yearly receipts automatically sent to you after the very first receipt, you'll need to enable receipt notifications: 

  1. In Stencil go to My Account > Settings > Billing History
  2. This will open a window that shows your billing history, including receipts and upcoming bills. 
  3. At the bottom left, look for Receipt Notifications and toggle it ON
  4. Add the email address you want to send receipt notifications to and click the little blue Save button. 
  5. You're done!

If you upgraded with Namecheap after November 1, 2021

If you upgraded your Stencil account using Namecheap, you'll automatically be notified every time a charge happens. You can also go to My Account > Settings > Billing History and click the Namecheap link to access your Namecheap processed invoices. Or you can also follow this link from here.

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