How do I add my address, VAT Number or Business Number to Stencil receipts/invoices?

If you'd like to add your address, VAT Number or Business Number to Stencil receipts or invoices, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Stencil account and go to My Account > Settings > Billing History
  2. In the Billing History section, click on "Add/edit company info"
  3. Here you can add specific contact or tax info to your receipts and invoices, like your full business name, VAT identification number, or address.

Note: This information will only be added to PDF versions of the invoices and receipts. You can download the PDF when viewing the receipt or invoice. Due to a limitation from our payments provider, the information entered into this field will typically display on a single line (sometimes two lines, depending on the length). We recommend you separate different types of information with a pipe ( "|" ), like the following example:

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