How do I add my address or VAT number to Stencil receipts?

If you'd like to add your VAT number or company address to Stencil receipts, please follow these steps:

  1. In Stencil go to My Account > Settings > Payment / Billing and click on "View your billing history".
  2. This will open a window that shows all of your billing information, including receipts and upcoming bills. 
  3. Click on the "Receipt Settings" in the bottom left of this window, and a screen will appear where you can add your VAT number or address information.
  4. Enter your information in the "Extra Billing Information" text area.
  5. Click Save and you're done!

Note: We often refer to "receipts" and "invoices" interchangeably. For the purposes of Stencil's subscriptions, these two are exactly the same thing. Stencil receipts will serve as "invoices" for accounting purposes.

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