Can I use Stencil to print book covers, posters and t-shirts?

Stencil is intended for digital images, but it can also be used for print! General guidelines if you're using Stencil for print:

  • Make sure if you're using your own uploaded images that they're of high resolution
  • Make sure your canvas size has a high resolution (i.e. over 1800px)
  • When you're downloading your image, make sure to select the Retina / @2x and the Print (300dpi) option

Note: At this time we don't support inches for sizing. So you'll need to use an equivalent ratio with pixels. For example, if you're looking to print on an 8.5x11 inch document, you'll want to use something like 1275x1650 pixels for your canvas size. Then, when you're ready to download, make sure to select the "Retina / @2x" dimensions option.

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