Stencil support with Dark Reader

We recently had someone reach out because Stencil wasn't working properly. After getting on a Skype call with them, and debugging the issue, we figured out the root cause:

Dark Reader is a plugin / add-on for browsers that makes some really cool changes to the pages you visit to have them look "dark". This includes switching light-colored areas to dark, along with a few other cool tweaks.

Stencil stopped worked fully because Dark Reader was making changes to the Stencil app this person was using it. We just made a change to have Stencil continue to work properly, however we would strongly recommend you not use Dark Reader with Stencil (and generally want to advise people not to use Dark Reader).

Stencil should work properly even with Dark Reader installed, but there's a good chance that something may break if you do (it's hard to keep up with changes in a 3rd-party app).

Official recommendation:
Don't use Dark Reader with Stencil. Head over to the area in your browser that controls Extensions / Add-ons, and turn it off while you're using Stencil.

Unofficial recommendation:
Dark Reader does a lot of unorthodox things. While the main functionality is changing background colors and text color, it also gets a bit aggressive (from a technical point of view). As the CTO of Stencil, I take privacy very seriously, and I would recommend that if you are using Dark Reader, you accept that it may have unintentional affects on your browsing experience.

This is especially important if you do any online banking. Dark Reader does some things that, while likely not malicious or intentional, could have very serious consequences on your experience on a website. This includes sites where privacy is very important (eg. financial, medical, personal communication websites).

Unofficially, I would recommend this extension not be used.

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